What We Do


What We Do

Our experienced and trusted team of professionals is dedicated to putting you and your family’s needs first.

When we first started our own business over 30 years ago, life was much simpler. At that time, we provided traditional investment advice and offered straightforward investment solutions. Today, our world is far more complex and for some a bit overwhelming. That is why we have evolved our business to deliver a comprehensive wealth management approach to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives.

Investment Management

Over the years we have learned there is no quick road to financial freedom — just a steady path of thoughtful analysis of opportunities followed by meaningful execution. We are proud of our record of helping our clients and their families meet their investment objectives without incurring undue risk.

Retirement Lifestyle Planning

You have spent a lifetime building your wealth and now it is time to enjoy it. The challenge is to ensure that what you have created is protected and continues to grow, so you can live the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. We have been helping our clients do just that for more than three decades.

Tax & Estate Planning

Nothing knocks the wind out of a great job of building wealth like taxes. Understanding the rules and working within them helps you keep more of what you have created. We are passionate about minimizing the impact of taxes; whether in life or as part of an estate plan.

Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer

Once you have assured your own lifestyle needs, what do you hope to do with the wealth you have created? For many of our clients, their greatest desire is to share that wealth with their children. They may wish to give them the start in life they didn’t have or simply to reward them for the joys they brought to the family. A planned approach will maximize that opportunity.

Business Transition & Succession Planning

At some point, all entrepreneurs will leave their business — voluntarily or otherwise. The question is will you be in control of your succession or will you let fate and circumstances determine how your legacy unfolds? Succession is not an event — it is a journey made easier and shorter with careful planning.