What Our Clients Are Saying


“Wealth management is all about making money and I am extremely confident I am in the right place with Stephen Bishop. He is smart, on the ball and ahead of the rest, in my opinion. I am very happy with our relationship and would definitely recommend Stephen.”

-Richard (Bee) d’Entremont, President & CEO, Bee Fisheries Limited and Acadian Fish Processors Limited


“I have worked with a few advisors over the years, but Stephen Bishop and his team by far offer the best advice and service I have ever received. His integrity and professionalism are obvious and his intuition in understanding my needs is why I recommend him to people I know who value and respect those same qualities. Stephen guides me to make the most of my savings on a day-to-day basis, without losing sight of the long run picture. He also works with me to focus on ethical-based investing which is important to my family. I feel so confident and comfortable with Stephen that I jokingly refer to him as ‘the bank of Stephen’ — big city expertise — small town values.”

-Mary Ann (Bonnie) Stoddart, Adjudicator (Retired), Immigration Division, Government of Canada


“I would definitely recommend Stephen Bishop without hesitation. I have been dealing with him for over 30 years and he is honest, professional and trustworthy. And on top of that, he is a great guy.”

-Gordon Muise, President & CEO, Tusket Toyota